VIDEO: BTS J-HOPE Talks About Rescuing a Sick Stray Cat & Finding a New Family for the Cat

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 11, 2022

VIDEO: BTS J-HOPE Talks About Rescuing a Sick Stray Cat & Finding a New Family for the Cat
It has been revealed that J-HOPE of K-pop boy group BTS rescued a sick stray cat and even found a new family for the cat. 

On August 10 episode of MBC Standard FM's radio show 'Star Night', J-HOPE made a guest appearance. 

During the show, one listener sent in a message asking J-HOPE a question about a past event. 

The listener asked J-HOPE, "I heard that you took a sick stray cat to a vet last year. Has this really happened?" 

Back in November last year, one online community user posted a post online saying that J-HOPE brought a sick stray cat to a vet, and paid for the treatment. 

As there was no proof though, it remained as one of those many BTS stories online that was not verified. 
J-HOPEBut J-HOPE confirmed that the story was true by saying, "Ah yes, it has. I was shooting something on that day, and I spotted a stray cat around the filming site. My heart instantly broke into pieces when I saw that cat." 

He continued, "I have a dog myself, and the condition of his eyes are bad. So, his eyes are actually artificial. He got an eye transplant before. The stray cat's eyes didn't look so good as well. Since the cat was also too thin, I thought I couldn't leave the cat there like that." 

He went on, "So, I took the cat to the vet myself. I got the cat treated, and found a new family and home for him/her. They seemed like they were nice people." 
J-HOPEAfter listening to him, the host Kim Eana commented, "Wow, that's amazing. You are truly living your name, J-HOPE." 

To this, J-HOPE shyly laughed and responded, "It kind of seemed like the cat and I were destined to meet each other then. It was just a good timing, that was all.", remaining humble. 
(Credit= 'bangtan.official' Facebook, MBC Standard FM Star Night) 

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