HYBE Staff Members Had Mixed Reactions on NewJeans 'Attention'?

By  유지원 에디터  | Aug 11, 2022

K-pop rookie girl group NewJeans' producer Min Hee Jin revealed that some staff members doubted the success of 'Attention'.

Recently, HYBE's subsidiary label ADOR's CEO Min Hee Jin sat down for an interview and talked about her label's first girl group: NewJeans.
NewJeans, Min Hee JinDuring the interview, Min Hee Jin shared that the group's debut track 'Attention' did not get that much of positive feedback within the company.

Min Hee Jin said, "During the in-house listening session of the song, the members of NewJeans and ADOR's staff members loved the song. However, some felt that the song is too flat with an 'unpopular' style. Some even said that the group might not make it big, since the song does not follow the traditional style of K-pop."
NewJeans, Min Hee JinNewJeansThe producer continued, "When I first heard that feedback, it made me anxious that my choice might not be comprehensible to the listeners. But eventually, I realized that it is simply impossible to satisfy every listener out there."

She added, "So, eventually, I didn't care (about such feedback). I had a vivid goal, and I was confident of the song I chose."
NewJeansJust like Min Hee Jin's insight, NewJeans' not-so-K-pop-like sound ultimately attracted more listeners.

Only eight days after the song's release, 'Attention' secured its position on Billboard's global chart; ranked at #174.

NewJeans also recorded the most first-week sales of any debut album by a K-pop girl group, selling more than 440,000 copies of its first album 'New Jeans' in pre-orders.

(Credit= HYBE, ADOR, '스브스케이팝 X INKIGAYO' YouTube)

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