WINNER JINU Reveals that No Girls Have Ever Asked Him Out First

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 11, 2022

WINNER JINU Reveals that No Girls Have Ever Asked Him Out First
JINU of K-pop boy group WINNER shared that no girls had ever asked him out first. 

On August 10, wavve's reality dating show 'Somefing' released a short footage from its upcoming first episode. 

Before the hosts watched a video of hot boys and girls spending time on the beach together to find their potential lover, they sat around for a conversation. 
JINUThe hosts discussed how they would attract the one they are interested in if they were on that beach, and another member of WINNER YOON gave his answer. 

YOON said, "I believe it's important to make her feel comfortable when talking we are talking with each other, so I'll probably try to open her heart by continuously having a good conversation with her." 

After thinking for a little while, JINU smiled and stated, "I would say I would do that with my beauty." 

He laughingly continued, "I was just joking. I have a very shy personality, so I feel like I won't be able to make any move at first. But if I happen to meet a girl of my dreams there, I would certainly do my best to win her."
JINUThen, the hosts commented, "But what's true is that your face itself is 'flirting'!" 

JINU laughed and responded, "I've never been asked out by a girl before though." 

The hosts gasped in shocked and asked, "Really? We can't believe that. Have you ever been rejected by a girl in the past then?" 

JINU shyly smiled and said, "Ah, no. That hasn't happened yet." 
JINUBorn in September 1991, JINU entered the K-pop industry in August 2014 under YG Entertainment. 

Ever since he made debut, everybody has been speaking about his straight-out-of-a-cartoon kind of look. 

Recently, he has been in the center of his attention for his ever so youthful appearance as well. 

(Credit= wavve Somefing) 

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