VIDEO: Kim Jong-kook Becomes So Excited & Happy Upon Seeing Joo Won's Muscles

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 12, 2022

VIDEO: Kim Jong-kook Becomes So Excited & Happy Upon Seeing Joo Won's Muscles
Singer Kim Jong-kook became impressed by the amount of muscles on actor Joo Won's body. 

Last week, Kim Jong-kook updated his YouTube channel with a new video. 

The video showed Joo Won learning some workout tips from Kim Jong-kook and his fitness trainer at the gym. 

Joo Won told them that he was particularly interested in getting his back and shoulders in a more muscular shape, and took his hoodie off to begin his workout. 

He had a sleeveless shirt on, which made it easy for Kim Jong-kook and the trainer to check his body to see how much he had worked out so far before they began. 

As soon as Kim Jong-kook saw Joo Won's muscular arms, he smiled brightly and stated, "Oh! Nice, nice. Really nice!" 

Kim Jong-kook took a close look at his arms, and excitedly said, "Wow, you have lots of muscles! Nice!" 
Kim Jong-kookKim Jong-kookThen, Joo Won demonstrated one of his workout routines using weights. 

As he did so, Kim Jong-kook commented, "I'm actually really surprised. I didn't expect him to have such a great workout posture, amazing ability to control his strength and most importantly, these muscles. He's definitely the kind of person who works out on a regular basis." 

After Joo Won showed his workout routine, the trainer showed him what he could alter from that to work on his shoulders. 

When the trainer was instructing Joo Won, Kim Jong-kook carefully observed Joo Won's body and gave him the thumb up once again. 

Kim Jong-kook repeatedly said, "Oh, what great shoulders. Wow, nice. Your muscles are very defined." 

Even though Joo Won was unable to respond to him because him and the trainer were talking to each other, Kim Jong-kook kept asking questions like, "Whoa, I'm amazed. How much is your body fat percentage?" 

Upon seeing this part of the video, his channel subscribers left comments such as, "Kim Jong-kook is 'Gym' Jong-kook for a good reason! His interest and love for workout is so real!", "The way he looks at his body! His eyes look like they're twinkling!", "Jong-kook's super excited! That's true excitement and happiness right there. LOL." and so on. 

(Credit= '김종국 GYM JONG KOOK' YouTube) 

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