One Animal Shelter Reveals Jang Na-ra Has Been Helping Them for the Last 8 Years

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 12, 2022

One Animal Shelter Reveals Jang Na-ra Has Been Helping Them for the Last 8 Years
One animal shelter expressed gratitude to actress Jang Na-ra for giving them help for the last eight years. 

On August 12, a new post was uploaded on an online community, which instantly caught the eye of everyone. 

It was a post uploaded by one animal shelter, and they started off the post by stating, "Jang Na-ra has sent us some of our most-needed items―treats, pee pads and wet wipes." 
Jang Na-ra supports an animal shelterThey continued, "We only asked Jang Na-ra if she could come in to play and pet the animals here, so that our other volunteers can take some rest while she does so, but she sent us all this. She said she'll also be visiting soon." 

They resumed, "We're fully aware that she wouldn't like us spreading words like this, but it's been as long as eight years now. Isn't it alright for us to tell the world about you helping us for the last eight years?!" 

Lastly, they added, "Thank you for always keeping a keen interest in our facility, and also continuing to be with us, Jang Na-ra!" 

In their post, they included photos of numerous boxes that were filled with treats, pee pads and wet wipes inside, all from Jang Na-ra.  
Jang Na-ra supports an animal shelterThis particular animal shelter used to be the biggest private animal shelter in Korea. 

Back in 2019, it was divided into different animal shelters with more specific purposes, but they are still providing a home to those animals that were from the initial shelter. 

After this heartwarming story was shared online, a lot of people were impressed by the years that Jang Na-ra supported the animal shelter. 

They left comments such as, "Just wow... Is she an angel or what?", "Guys, she's been doing something that is easier said than done for the past eight years. Eight...! This is incredible.", "She has such a kind heart!" and so on. 
Jang Na-ra supports an animal shelter(Credit= 'nara0318' Instagram, Online Community) 

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