SEVENTEEN SEUNGKWAN Channels Inner Fanboy When He Meets Wonder Girls An So Hee

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 12, 2022

SEVENTEEN SEUNGKWAN Channels Inner Fanboy When He Meets Wonder Girls An So Hee
SEUNGKWAN of K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN finally met An So Hee, a member of his favorite girl group disbanded Wonder Girls.

On August 12, Kakao TV released a video of SEUNGKWAN and An So Hee meeting for the first time, and spending time with one another. 

Even before SEUNGKWAN walked into the room where An So Hee was waiting for him, he seemed really nervous, and it got worse after he entered the room. 

He blushed, sweated and told An So Hee, "I'm a Wonderful (the official name of Wonder Girls' fandom). I'm a big time Wonderful. I've been a Wonderful since when I was in the fourth grade in the elementary school. So, I feel very nervous, speaking in front of you. My heart is beating super fast at the moment. I don't think I've ever felt this way in my life, ever. It feels so weird right now." 
An So Hee asked, "I didn't think that you would get this nervous. Are you really a Wonderful? I've got to check if you truly are a Wonderful! What song did you like the most?" 

With confidence, SEUNGKWAN answered, "I probably know Wonder Girls' songs better than you. I listened to all the side tracks too, not just the title tracks. I think Wonder Girls have amazing ballad tracks, like 'This Time', 'I Tried', 'Wishing on a Star', 'Saying I Love You' and there are many more." 

As he mentioned the songs that were not very known to the public, An So Hee gasped and covered her mouth in shock. 
Then, SEUNGKWAN suddenly got excited and unexpectedly asked An So Hee, "Oh! There is this song, which not only is a great song, but also a song that you sound beautiful in. You've pretty much slayed the song. What song do you think it is? Can you make a guess?" 

An So Hee shyly laughed and commented, "I'm a little shy to say it myself, but are you talking about 'Girlfriend'?" 

When SEUNGKWAN heard her answer, he instantly jumped up from his seat in pure excitement and said, "Yes, it is!"
An So Hee said, "I love your songs too. I especially love your soundtrack 'The Reason'. After I listened to that, I was like, 'Who's singing? He's good.', then looked into other songs that you sang." 

Her words totally surprised SEUNGKWAN, making his mouth drop and heart race. 

Fans laughed hard while watching this video, because it almost looked as if SEUNGKWAN was at An So Hee's fan signing event. 

His cute fanboying moments made them smile ear to ear as well. 

(Credit= Kakao TV) 

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