Yoo Ji Ae Says Mijoo Treated Disbanded Lovelyz Members' to Delicious Korean Barbecue

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 16, 2022

Yoo Ji Ae Says Mijoo Treated Disbanded Lovelyz Members' to Delicious Korean Barbecue
Yoo Ji Ae of disbanded K-pop girl group Lovelyz shared that Mijoo treated her and the rest of members to delicious Korean barbecue recently. 

On August 9 episode of SBS POWER FM's radio show 'Ten', Yoo Ji Ae made a guest appearance. 

During the talk, the host Bae Sung-jae mentioned Yoo Ji Ae's recent Instagram update. 

Bae Sung-jae said, "I saw your recent post on Instagram. It looked like you spent some time with the members of Lovelyz. Along with cute photos of you with the members, you wrote, 'Lovelyz is near and dear to me.' I could really tell how much you love them." 
Yoo Ji AeYoo Ji Ae responded, "Ah yes, not all Lovelyz members could come to the gathering, because some of them were too busy. But we do meet up with each other quite often. We hang out at least once a month." 

She continued, "It wasn't because it was a special occasion or anything. We were just talking on the group chat, and were like, 'Shall we meet up? When shall we meet?' That's how the gathering happened." 
Yoo Ji AeYoo Ji AeThen, Yoo Ji Ae revealed what they did on that day, "First, we went to this Korean barbecue restaurant. We had amazing pork barbecue there. This was a place where the staff cooked for us." 

Bae Sung-jae commented, "Oh, you must've gone to a pretty expensive one. The restaurants that the staff cooks for you are generally quite pricey. Who paid then? Did you split the bill?" 

Yoo Ji Ae answered, "Umm... Actually, Mijoo paid for it. It was really nice of her to do so. I felt so thankful." 

As Bae Sung-jae was like, "Oh! Wow, I'm surprised!", Yoo Ji Ae said, "Yeah, I was surprised too! It wasn't something I expected her to do at all. Thank you, Mijoo!"

After that, Yoo Ji Ae told the activities they did following the meal, "The members who couldn't drink went home, and the rest of us went to have some drinks together. We also went to take some photos at the photo booth too." 
Yoo Ji AeFollowing Lovelyz's contract expiration with management agency Woollim Entertainment last year, the group officially disbanded. 

The members of Lovelyz parted ways and each joined a different agency following that. 

Despite the disbandment, it seems like all members of Lovelyz are maintaining a rock-solid friendship. 

(Credit= SBS POWER FM Ten, '9.3.0521' Instagram) 

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