Lee Jung Jae Says to Have Delayed His Shoulder Surgery for Over 2 Years Due to Busy Schedule

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 17, 2022

Lee Jung Jae Says to Have Delayed His Shoulder Surgery for Over 2 Years Due to Busy Schedule
A lot of people are worried about actor Lee Jung Jae's health at the moment. 

On August 17, industry insiders revealed that Lee Jung Jae ruptured his ligament on the left shoulder while filming his movie 'Deliver Us from Evil' in the end of 2019. 

Although his doctor said he needed to get surgery, but he refused to receive one and went back to film the movie only in three days of rest. 

Even after the movie was released, he still could not get surgery, because he was scheduled to shoot Netflix's series 'Squid Game' and movie 'Hunt'. 

Back in one interview in 2020, Lee Jung Jae said, "If I have surgery, I won't be able to use my left arm for about nine months. A great number of staff and actors/actresses prepared hard for the projects I'm in. I can't postpone their schedule because of my surgery." 
Lee Jung JaeThen in last year during the shooting of 'Hunt', he pulled his hamstring; however, he once again chose not to get surgery. 

He walked around the filming site with crutches for about 10 days in order for the shooting to be successfully completed. 

He still needs to get surgery on his shoulder as well as leg, but his schedule seems to be too hectic. 
Lee Jung JaeFollowing 'Squid Game', Lee Jung Jae has been attending lots of events in different countries, and he is currently busy promoting 'Hunt'. 

At the end of the promotions of 'Hunt', he is planned to begin shooting the second season of 'Squid Game'. 

In his recent interview, Lee Jung Jae stated, "When I wrap up 'Hunt' promotions, I've got to continue attending events for 'Squid Game'―it's still ongoing. I've got to go to the 'Toronto International Film Festival'." 

He continued, "I haven't even had time to have a glass of beer after the VIP premiere of 'Hunt'. I certainly do feel weaker these days. I don't feel as strong now." 
Lee Jung Jae(Credit= 'officialljj' Facebook, Artist Company, Netflix Korea) 

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