Girls' Generation Sooyoung Shares that She Lost a Sense of Smell After COVID-19

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 17, 2022

Girls' Generation Sooyoung Shares that She Lost a Sense of Smell After COVID-19
Sooyoung of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation expressed sadness about losing a sense of smell after COVID-19. 

On August 16 episode of JTBC's television show 'Sositamtam', Sooyoung and Yoona visited a flower shop to make a mini garden at home. 

At the flower shop, a florist introduced them to various types of flowers, including blue sage. 

About blue sage, the florist stated, "Blue sage gives off a scent that is similar to lavender, but it's much more delicate."

Then, she gave blue sage to Yoona first, who smelt it and commented, "Oh, yes. It's more delicate for sure.", and it was passed onto Sooyoung. 
Girls' GenerationSooyoung smelt the flower, but instantly frowned, as she could not smell anything from it. 

She tried to smell it again, and asked Yoona, "Is there really a scent that you can smell from this?" 

When Yoona told her that she could, Sooyoung pulled a sad face and commented, "I think I've lost a sense of smell after COVID-19." 

She continued, "This has a lavender-like scent? Really? I can't smell anything! Seriously, I'm so sad. It's actually really upsetting."
Girls' GenerationAs the rest of Girls' Generation members watched back this part of the video together, they expressed sadness about Sooyoung experiencing such a post COVID-19 effect and told Sooyoung that it will not be long until she recovers.  

Yuri said, "It would come back soon, wouldn't it?", then Seohyun also said, "Yes, yes. Don't worry. It'll be recovered soon, unnie." 

In response to this, Sooyoung bitterly smiled and said, "Right? It will come back soon, right?" 
Girls' Generation(Credit= JTBC Sositamtam)

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