Kong Hyo-jin & Kevin Oh Are Getting Married in October

By  JW Yoo  | Aug 17, 2022

Kong Hyo-jin, Kevin Oh
Actress Kong Hyo-jin and singer-songwriter Kevin Oh announced their plans to get married in October.

On August 17, it was reported that Kong Hyo-jin and Kevin Oh will be holding a small wedding ceremony this year in New York, the United States.
Kong Hyo-jin, Kevin OhIn response to the report, Kong Hyo-jin's management agency Management Soop shared:

Hello, this is Management Soop.

We would like to share news about actress Kong Hyo-jin.

Kong Hyo-jin and Kevin Oh will be starting a new chapter of their lives together.

As it is what the two wish for, they will be holding their wedding privately in October only with their close relatives and acquaintances.

We ask for your generous understanding on not being able to share the detailed schedule and location of the ceremony.

Please send lots of blessings and support to the couple's days ahead, as they take a valuable first step forward in their lives. Thank you.
Kong Hyo-jin, Kevin OhKevin Oh also took to his personal Instagram and shared the news, along with a photo of a sheet music for a song that he composed and Kong Hyo-jin wrote the lyrics.
Kong Hyo-jin, Kevin OhBefore making their relationship public in April, Kong Hyo-jin was rumored to get married soon, as she caught the bouquet of actress Son Ye-jin and her and actor Hyun Bin's wedding.

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