"That's Hyoyeon, Isn't It? J.Y. Park Keeps Failing to Recognize ITZY RYUJIN in Her Photos

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 17, 2022

"That's Hyoyeon, Isn't It? J.Y. Park Keeps Failing to Recognize ITZY RYUJIN in Her Photos
Music producer J.Y. Park failed to recognize RYUJIN of K-pop girl group ITZY in her album cover photos. 

Last month, J.Y. Park featured in ITZY's NAVER NOW's radio show. 

At that time, the members of ITZY sat J.Y. Park down for a quiz. 

J.Y. Park was asked to guess who the person was in the photos that RYUJIN held; they were all photos of RYUJIN, but J.Y. Park did not know this. 
NAVER NOW ITZYWhen he saw the first photo, which was a cover photo of RYUJIN from the group's album 'CRAZY IN LOVE', J.Y. Park said, "Is that CHAERYEONG?" 

RYUJIN just laughed and showed him the next photo of herself from their album 'GUESS WHO'. 

But as he struggled to say any names, RYUJIN showed him another album cover photo from 'CRAZY IN LOVE'. 

Once again, J.Y. Park could not come up with any names in time, so RYUJIN gave him a hint, "These were all photos of one person." 

J.Y. Park thought for a little while, and said, "It's Hyoyeon of Girls' Generation!" 

As soon as CHAERYEONG heard his answer, she got up from her seat and said, "Hold on, hold on!"

Then, J.Y. Park shouted, "Alright! It's Hyoyeon or singer Heize!" 
NAVER NOW ITZYSince he got them wrong again, RYUJIN gave him the photos so that he could take a closer look at them. 

When he looked at the first and second photo, he commented, "I honestly have no idea who this person is..." 

As he looked at the last photo, he said again, "Isn't it Hyoyeon?", making the members of ITZY burst into awkward laughter. 

In the end, the girls told him that the person in the photos was RYUJIN, and he went, "That was RYUJIN? Oh..." 

ITZY members laughed and stated, "Well, our department didn't select the right kind of photos, we guess..." 

(Credit= NAVER NOW bㅣㄴ틈있지 시즌2) 

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