Kim Shin-young Shares How GUMMY ♥ Cho Jung Seok's Family Has Been Lately

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 17, 2022

Kim Shin-young Shares How GUMMY ♥ Cho Jung Seok's Family Has Been Lately
Comedienne Kim Shin-young revealed how singer GUMMY and her husband actor Cho Jung Seok's family has been these days. 

On August 17 episode of MBC FM4U's radio show 'Music Party', singers Lee So-jung and Gaho made a guest appearance. 

During the talk, the host Kim Shin-young asked Lee So-jung who she has been in frequent touch with in recent times. 

Lee So-jung answered, "I joined a television show with some other singers in the past. At that time, I got to become close to GUMMY, who has always been my role model." 

She continued, "As we became closer, GUMMY invited me to her home and stuff as well. Everyone from 'Sing Forest' became really close to each other." 
Kim Shin-youngKim Shin-youngThen, Kim Shin-young playfully stated, "GUMMY is my singer. She's mine!" 

She resumed, "She was my singer on 'I Am a Singer'. GUMMY is a really kind person." 

She added, "GUMMY is a mother, so she has been spending much time with her child these days. GUMMY and Cho Jung Seok's family go on a trip together a lot, too." 

Previously, GUMMY said, "After my daughter was born, I've been busy trying to take care of her. It's almost all I have my mind on nowadays. My family means everything to me now. I really think that." 
Kim Shin-youngIt was in 2013 when GUMMY and Cho Jung Seok first met each other, through a mutual friend. 

After being together for about two years, they made their relationship public in 2015.

Then in October 2018, GUMMY and Cho Jung Seok got married, and their first child was born two years ago in August 2020. 

(Credit= C-JeS Entertainment, MBC FM4U Music Party, 'mbcradio12' Instagram) 

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