VIDEO: WJSN DAYOUNG Melts Fans' Hearts with Her Heartfelt Message to One Fan

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 18, 2022

VIDEO: WJSN DAYOUNG Melts Fans' Hearts with Her Heartfelt Message to One Fan
DAYOUNG of K-pop girl group WJSN made her fans' hearts melt with her sincere message to one fan. 

On August 16, WJSN's video fan signing event for their recent album 'Sequence' took place. 

Since it was the last one for their promotions for 'Sequence', this one fan of DAYOUNG decided to write a short message to her before the event. 

At the event, this fan read out the message to DAYOUNG, which DAYOUNG listened to with a smile. 
DAYOUNGAs soon as DAYOUNG's fan finished reading it out loud, DAYOUNG said, "I wrote you one as well. Hold on.", then unlocked her phone and opened a memo application. 

DAYOUNG read her letter out fast, since there is a time limit for each fan during their turn, "First, thank you for making me proud to have become a singer." 

She continued, "Thank you for always being my energy and motivation. And, I hope you stay healthy and happy at all times. I want you to feel free to let me know how you would like to see me next. Don't hesitate to tell me anything." 

As the fan start to cry here, DAYOUNG quickly told her not to cry and resumed reading her message, "Don't cry! Make sure to eat lots. I also hope you dream about me at night. And... I love your bangs. They're pretty.", then DAYOUNG burst into laughter. 
DAYOUNGAfter the big laugh, DAYOUNG carried on, "Although I'm not really anything, thank you for making me feel like I'm something special. I feel so special whenever I'm with Ujung (the name of WJSN's fandom). Lastly, thank you for coming to this world, OOO (the name of this fan)!" 

The fan cried hard upon listening to DAYOUNG's sweet words, and DAYOUNG shyly smiled. 

Then, DAYOUNG told the fan, "Why are you crying? Don't cry! Don't cry, okay?! I love you! Honestly, I'm really glad that I'm part of WJSN. Thank you for being Ujung." 

The fan commented with a shaky voice, "You have to be WJSN forever!", which DAYOUNG responded, "Yes, of course! I've got to go, because time's up. Bye, I love you!" 

When the fan posted this video on social media afterwards, she wrote, "I wrote her a short message as it was the last video fan signing event today, and this is what she gave me in return. I cried so much!" 
(Credit= '166Vu' Twitter) 

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