Lee Dong Wook Is Why CIX HYUNSUK's Mother Stopped Subscribing to His 'Private Message'?

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 18, 2022

Lee Dong Wook Is Why CIX HYUNSUK's Mother Stopped Subscribing to His 'Private Message'?
HYUNSUK of K-pop boy group CIX revealed a hilarious reason why his mother stopped subscribing to his 'Private Message'. 

On August 17, HYUNSUK took to an artist-fan messenger 'Private Message' to share something funny to fans. 

HYUNSUK said, "You know what my mom said to me? She was like, 'Son, I think I've got to stop subscribing to your 'Private Message' now.'" 

He continued, "When I asked why, she explained, 'It turns out Dong Wook has begun 'Private Message'.' So, she said that she is going to stop subscribing me on 'Private Message', and subscribe to Lee Dong Wook's 'Private Message'..." 

He bitterly went on, "I'll understand, mom... I totally understand. I mean, we're talking about Lee Dong Wook." 
Private Message'Private Message' is a paid mobile messenger which provides a private online space that looks a lot like a private chat room. 

When an artist sends text messages, voice messages, photos and videos through this service, all fans who subscribe to the artist's 'Private Message' receive them. 

On this application, you have to pay for each artist that you subscribe, and it seemed like HYUNSUK's mother is only paying for one artist and she chose Lee Dong Wook over her own son as Lee Dong Wook joined 'Private Message'. 
Private MessageLee Dong Wook started using 'Private Message' last week, and a lot of fun messages from his 'Private Message' were shared online ever since. 

Lee Dong Wook sent messages like, "Wow, this is quite enjoyable. I can talk to you anytime I like, and read you replies.". "Do I have to send messages every day? Ah, I see many of you telling me that I do. Okay, that means, I don't. LOL.", "Am I talking too much? Do other artists talk as much as I do? Well, I'll just use it in my style.", "Everyone's saying that I'm a good 'Private Message' user? Oh, nice!", and more. 
Private Message(Credit= 'CIX_twt' Twitter, 'OfficialLeeDongWook' Facebook, Online Community) 

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