WINNER YOON ♥ Moon Ji Hyo Have Photos of Them with Matching Items on Social Media?

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 18, 2022

WINNER YOON ♥ Moon Ji Hyo Have Photos of Them with Matching Items on Social Media?
It was discovered that YOON of K-pop boy group WINNER and rookie actress Moon Ji Hyo have photos of them with matching items on their social media. 

On August 17, photos claimed to be YOON and Moon Ji Hyo quickly spread online. 

The photos showed YOON and Moon Ji Hyo walking around the streets of Hapjeong-dong, where YG Entertainment headquarters is located. 

They were holding hands and wearing matching blue clothes, which just told that they were a couple. 

It was said that the photos were taken in May, but were simply unveiled on a later date. 
YOON and Moon Ji HyoThey are under the same agency YG Entertainment, and the agency gave their official response to this matter soon after the photos went viral. 

YG Entertainment stated, "We cannot confirm anything, as it's our artists' private matter." 

The agency's vague response got many to believe previously-a-rumor to be true. 
YOON and Moon Ji HyoThe two stars first officially met while they filmed a music video for 'BORN TO LOVE YOU' together. 

'BORN TO LOVE YOU' is YOON's solo release that was dropped in March this year. 

In the music video, they acted as lovers, who used to be deeply in love, but eventually ended up breaking up with one another. 

It is not known whether they were already in a relationship back then, but YOON was even seen taking photos of Moon Ji Hyo during the break from shooting so that she felt less nervous about the upcoming shooting. 
YOON and Moon Ji HyoAfter the photos of them on a date went viral, fans also discovered that YOON and Moon Ji Hyo had uploaded matching items on their social media in recent times as well―they wore the same black necklace and bracelet. 

"Although both the black necklace and bracelet were simple-looking, they weren't particularly such common items. They put matching colored clothes on in the photos in Hapjeong-dong. These items are probably two of their other matching items.", some fans stated. 
YOON and Moon Ji HyoYOON and Moon Ji HyoYOON entered the K-pop industry in 2013, and is currently 28 years old; Moon Ji Hyo is 22 years old, who had made her debut with singer Young Kay's music video in 2019. 

(Credit= Online Community, YG Entertainment, 'w_n_r00' 'daljihyo_' Instagram)

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