"It Was Cool, as She Joined After..." STAYC SUMIN·SEEUN Were Meant to Be in the Same Group?

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 18, 2022

"It Was Cool, as She Joined After..." STAYC SUMIN·SEEUN Were Meant to Be in the Same Group?
SUMIN of K-pop girl group STAYC talked about the time when she got to know about her fellow member SEEUN before they started training together. 

Recently, on past interview of STAYC was revisited by some fans. 

In this interview, the members of STAYC were asked about their first impression of each other. 

When it was SUMIN's turn to talk about SEEUN, SUMIN said, "I happened to see SEEUN on my way from school to our agency. I had heard about her, because she was well-known for her pretty looks at our school." 

She continued, "On that day when I saw her, I headed to the casting director at our agency right away, and told her that there was a really beautiful girl at the school that I was attending." 

She went on, "When I told her who she was, the casting director was surprised, because SEEUN had recently passed the audition and was scheduled to join the agency as a trainee soon. Several days later, SEEUN came to start her training with us, and I was like, 'This is so cool.'" 

Previously, SEEUN also revealed that her and SUMIN actually used to train at another agency; the same agency but at different times. 

SEEUN stated, "When I had joined another agency before our current one, SUMIN left right away. So, we had never met, but I did hear that there was a former trainee named 'Bae Su-min'." 

She resumed, "I got to meet her properly after I came to this agency. SUMIN seemed cold at first. But since we went to the same school, we went back and forth from our school to agency together all the time. We got close while doing that."  
STAYCUpon hearing the story of how they ended up making debut alongside one another, lots of fans shared that they believe these two were just destined to be in the same group. 

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