JYJ Kim Jun Su & Disbanded Lovelyz Kei Reportedly Dating; Their Agency Responds

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 19, 2022

JYJ Kim Jun Su & Disbanded Lovelyz Kei Reportedly Dating; Their Agency Responds
Kim Jun Su of K-pop boy group JYJ and Kei of disbanded girl group Lovelyz are reportedly in a relationship. 

On August 19, news outlet My Daily reported that Kim Jun Su and Kei are currently dating each other. 

The report stated that since Kim Jun Su and Kei are under the same agency Palmtree Island, they have been supporting and relying on one another a lot. 

According to the report, they were a little cautious, but they decided to be together, beginning their romance. 

Kim Jun Su is 35 years old, and Kei is 27 years old―they are about eight and a half years apart. 
Kim Jun Su and KeiOnly about an hour after the report was released, Palmtree Island gave their official response. 

Their agency stated, "That's not true at all. Kim Jun Su and Kei aren't in a relationship. We see no facts within the report." 

They added, "They're just co-workers who work together. Kei still speaks to Kim Jun Su in a polite way." 
Kim Jun Su and KeiFollowing Lovelyz's contract expiration with their agency Woollim Entertainment last year, the group officially disbanded. 

This January, Kei signed a contract with Palmtree Island; Palmtree Island is a management agency established by Kim Jun Su. 

Since she became part of Palmtree Island, Kei joined musicals such as 'Xcalibur - Seoul Encore', 'Death Note' and more alongside Kim Jun Su. 

The two stars are scheduled to perform together at 'Palmtree Island 1st Gala Concert' in the end of next month. 
Kim Jun Su and Kei(Credit= PalmTree Island) 

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