Girls' Generation Share They Have Nightmares About Forgetting Choreography During Live

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 19, 2022

Girls' Generation Share They Have Nightmares About Forgetting Choreography During Live
The members of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation said that they still have nightmares about forgetting parts of choreography during a live performance. 

On August 18, a popular YouTube channel MMTG uploaded a video of their host Jaejae interviewing Girls' Generation. 

During the interview, Girls' Generation's huge fan Jaejae mentioned some of their special live performances in the past. 

Jaejae asked, "How long did you have to prepare these performances? Do you have to learn the choreography within like a day or two?" 

Taeyeon nodded and answered, "Yes, we didn't usually have enough time to prepare them. We would have to learn the dance moves and rehearse until the last minute, even until right before the performance began."
Girls' GenerationSeohyun commented, "When we covered 'U-Go-Girl', we only had hours to get ready for our performance. We learned everything on the day of performance. It was quite insane." 

Yoona said, "Ah, I remember that day. I was so nervous on stage that I would get the moves wrong." 

Yuri also said, "Exactly! I felt the same. I felt really anxious during our 'U-Go-Girl' performance." 
Girls' GenerationThen, Sooyoung stated, "It's been 15 years since I made debut, and I tend to have a nightmare before important events. I still dream about forgetting parts of the dance during a live performance. That's what my nightmare is about." 

As soon as the other members heard this, they strongly agreed and explained that it is the same for them as well.

Tiffany shared, "I think it was because back in the day, many broadcasting stations got us to kind of compete with the other groups. There would always be things like, 'Today, we'll see Girls' Generation vs. Wonder Girls performances.' It was a thing back then. That stressed us out a lot." 

(Credit= '문명특급 - MMTG' YouTube) 

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