Nam Tae Hyun Responds to Allegations of Drug Use With Seo Min Jae

By  유지원 에디터  | Aug 22, 2022

Nam Tae Hyun, Seo Min Jae
K-pop boy group WINNER's former member Nam Tae Hyun has responded to allegations of him using illegal drugs with his girlfriend Seo Min Jae.

On August 21, Nam Tae Hyun took to his personal Instagram and explained about the situation.
Nam Tae Hyun, Seo Min JaeNam Tae Hyun wrote, "I apologize to the people who must have been shocked by the incident that happened yesterday. It was a fight between lovers, but we have since made up."

He added, "I sincerely apologize for giving concerns to so many people due to a personal matter."

His Instagram post came after his girlfriend Seo Min Jae, who was a cast member of a popular dating show 'Heart Signal 3', uploaded a selfie of herself with Nam Tae Hyun.

Along with the photo, Seo Min Jae wrote, "Nam Tae Hyun does philopon (methamphetamine). I have the needle he used either in my room or in my office cabinet. He also hits me. Nam Tae Hyun and I are drug addicts."
Nam Tae Hyun, Seo Min JaeSeo Min Jae herself has also clarified, "I had a fight with my boyfriend due to both of our wrongdoings. Due to stress, I took more than the prescribed dose of my psychiatric drug, so I lost control of my senses to the extent where I still can't remember what exactly happened."

She added, "I uploaded a post that was unrelated to the truth, and I'm currently in the hospital receiving treatments as I also hurt myself by mistake."

Meanwhile, Seoul Yongsan Police Station announced on August 21 that they had begun investigating the allegations.

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