Lee Dong Wook Claps Back at Some Fans Continuously Asking Him About Other Actors

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 22, 2022

Lee Dong Wook Claps Back at Some Fans Continuously Asking Him About Other Actors
Actor Lee Dong Wook clapped back at some fans who continuously asked him about other actors while speaking to him. 

On August 21, Lee Dong Wook spent some time having a casual conversation with fans using 'Private Message'―a private online space that allows fans and stars to communicate in a chat room. 

During their conversation, some fans kept talking about other actors, and Lee Dong Wook gave them his honest thought on the matter. 

Lee Dong Wook said, "Ask the actors themselves for photos, why are you asking me? Ask Kim Beom to take photos of himself and send them to you. Talk about Kim Beom on his 'Private Message'." 
Lee Dong WookAs they point out that it was because he was jealous, Lee Dong Wook commented, "No, what do you mean that I'm jealous?" 

The actor continued, "Maybe you don't know my personality yet, but I just don't get why I have to speak about other actors here." 

He resumed, "You guys do that on V LIVE as well. I honestly wonder why you guys keep asking me about other actors everywhere. Stop saying that I'm jealous. I'm simply trying to explain things nicely." 

He went on, "I came here to have a good time with you guys. Why are you keep doing that to me? I'm not angry. I just thought it was about time I say this to you all once." 

Then, Lee Dong Wook emphasized that he is not mad at them, "It's not that I'm upset or angry. I simply wanted to tell you what I think a basic 'rule' of life is. I feel like I can't deliver myself well only in writings like this, but I'm really not angry. I don't want you to think that." 
Lee Dong WookPreviously, a lot of stars have expressed discomfort about fans constantly asking about their close stars during a live broadcast, through an official fan community or messenger. 

But so far, nobody has said it to this extent; they would usually playfully tell fans not to talk about others while talking to them. 

These clear words made by Lee Dong Wook were thought to be something needed in the industry, and many fans are giving him the thumb up for coming forward to teach some manners.
Lee Dong Wook(Credit= 'leedongwook_official' Instagram, Online Community) 

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