CHUNG HA Wants to Leave Her Current Agency?

By  유지원 에디터  | Aug 23, 2022

Singer CHUNG HA became a hot topic after she told fans that she wants to leave her current management agency.

Recently, CHUNG HA held a live broadcast via V LIVE and interacted with her fans.
CHUNG HADuring the live broadcast, one fan asked CHUNG HA if she has plans for a world tour.

To this, CHUNG HA told the fan, "That's on my bucket list. I also want to hold a world tour. MNH(CHUNG HA's management agency), why can't I hold one?"

When some fans asked whether she wants to leave MNH, CHUNG HA said, "I want to quit the agency. Please let me go."

The singer then added, "Am I allowed to say this? I take that back."
CHUNG HAAccording to fans, the V LIVE video is currently removed from CHUNG HA's account.

Fans also explained that CHUNG HA has been sending her selfies to her agency throughout her 'Sparkling' promotions, but the agency was not uploading them, telling CHUNG HA that they did not know why the photos were not posted on her official social media channels.

Fans also pointed out that the agency has been making a plenty of mistakes, including misspelling and uploading the same teaser photo multiple times on social media.
CHUNG HAAs a result, the majority of CHUNG HA's fans are demanding MNH Entertainment to treat her properly.

They commented, "I didn't even know that CHUNG HA already pre-released her songs. Their lack of promotion is no joke.", "I wish CHUNG HA to part ways with MNH and signs with a different agency where they do a proper job.", "MNH has been doing well thanks to CHUNG HA. They better know the priority.", and more.

(Credit= 'CHUNG HA' NAVER V LIVE, MNH Entertainment)

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