NewJeans HAERIN's Friend from Middle School Reveals Her True Personality

By  유지원 에디터  | Aug 23, 2022

A friend of K-pop rookie girl group NewJeans' member HAERIN revealed what her personality really like.

Recently, one friend of HAERIN from middle school took to an online community and shared the NewJeans member's old photo.
NewJeans HAERINNewJeans HAERINAlong with the photo, the friend shared how kind and pretty HAERIN really was during their middle school days.

The friend wrote, "HAERIN was so famous in school for being pretty since our first year in middle school. As I got close to her, I found out that she was the purest, the most friendly person I had ever seen."

She continued, "HAERIN did not curse at all. She only said pretty things quietly, smiled, and said things were okay even when she is in a situation where she might feel bad."
NewJeans HAERINLastly, the friend added, "HAERIN was literally an angel who made all of her friends feel appreciated. When HAERIN moved away, we lost contact with her, and there was a rumor that she became a K-pop trainee. When she finally debuted, we were so happy."

HAERIN's friend wrapped up her post by saying, "HAERIN, please remember that everyone that used to know you are wishing you all the best. Good luck, and we love you!"

(Credit= ADOR, Nate Pann)

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