Yoo Ah In Says MINO Shocked Him with His Fresh & Unique Energy He Brought to the Filming Site

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 23, 2022

Yoo Ah In Says MINO Shocked Him with His Fresh & Unique Energy He Brought to the Filming Site
Actor Yoo Ah In shared what it was like to work with MINO of K-pop boy group WINNER in their movie.  

On August 23, a press conference for an upcoming movie 'Seoul Vibe' was held at one 5-star hotel in Seoul. 

'Seoul Vibe' is set in the time leading up to the '1988 Seoul Olympics', and it is about a ragtag team of drivers and mechanics going undercover to dismantle a massive money-laundering ring.

MINO played a supporting role as the leader of a gang named 'Galchi Fam'; this movie marks MINO's first debut project as an actor. 
Seoul VibeDuring the press conference, Yoo Ah In talked about working with MINO, "MINO completely shocked me. He had a free spirit and a lot of guts. I was impressed." 

He continued, "MINO gave off this fresh, unique and unknown energy that I never got from other actors. That energy, I believe, went really well with our movie. I felt like he was adding fresh air to our filming site." 

He resumed, "He would have felt pressured, since he came from a different part of the industry, but he quickly got over that and showed everyone how hard he worked for his role at all times." 

The actor added, "When I saw him like that, I was just amazed. He also made me look back and reflect on myself." 
Seoul VibeThen, director Moon Hyun-sung stated, "While we were preparing this movie, we all thought it was kind of like making hip-hop music. That's one of the reasons why I really enjoyed this journey, and we thought it would be great if someone from the hip-hop world joined our fun journey." 

He went on, "Everyone including myself said they wanted MINO to be part of it, so he ended up joining us like that. He was much better on site than I had thought. He had so much fun, and I had a blast watching him having a good time." 
Seoul Vibe'Seoul Vibe' is scheduled to be unveiled on August 26. 

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