Kang Tae-oh Shares Happiness About Making His Mother Quit Her Job After 'Woo Young-woo' Success

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 23, 2022

Kang Tae-oh Shares Happiness About Making His Mother Quit Her Job After 'Woo Young-woo' Success
Actor Kang Tae-oh shared how he has become a proud son of his mother. 

Recently, Kang Tae-oh talked about the success of his series 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' during the interview. 

During the interview, Kang Tae-oh revealed what he did for his family following the success. 
Kang Tae-ohThe actor said, "Thanks to much love and support for 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' around the world, I was able to give a special gift to my parents that I wasn't able to before." 

He resumed, "I refurbished their home, that was my first gift to them. I also got my mom to start getting rehabilitation therapy for her back. My mom has a bad back, but she worked at the sauna, handing keys to customers. She always had to sit down because her back hurt." 

He carried on with excitement, "Just the other day, I asked her to quit her job and receive therapy for her back.' And my dream has come true. It's been my dream for years to make my mom quit her job before I go to the military. I can't be happier right now. I feel like I can enlist with a smile." 
Kang Tae-ohThen, Kang Tae-oh demonstrated his exact words to his mother to the reporters. 

With a firm but a little excited voice, "'Mom, stop working. Stop working, okay? I'll cover your living expenses, so please stop working.' This is what I said to my mom.", then laughed.

Last week-ended 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo', a story depicting the life of 'Woo Young-woo' (actress Park Eun Bin)―an autistic lawyer working at a large law firm, is still one of the most talked-about series among Koreans all ages. 

In the series, Kang Tae-oh plays the role of warm-hearted 'Lee Jun-ho', who works at the same law firm as her and slowly falls in love for pure-hearted and professional 'Woo Young-woo'. 
Kang Tae-ohKang Tae-oh is expected to begin his national mandatory duty in the military soon. 

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