BTS V & BLACKPINK JENNIE Are Reportedly Heading to New York

By  유지원 에디터  | Aug 24, 2022

K-pop boy group BTS' V and girl group BLACKPINK's JENNIE are reportedly both heading to New York.

According to Sports Kyunghyang's report on August 24, both V and JENNIE are heading to New York City, the United States this week.
V, JENNIEEarlier this morning, V was spotted at Incheon International Airport catching his flight to the city.

JENNIE will also be heading to New York with her fellow BLACKPINK members on August 25, for the group's scheduled activities.

The report stated that the members of BLACKPINK will return to Korea separately once they carry out their individual schedules in the U.S.
V, JENNIEJust a day before the report, new rumors of V and JENNIE being in a relationship broke out.

A new photo of V and JENNIE taken at a beauty salon was circulated online, causing a heated debate about whether the photo was real or not.

In regard to the newly-shared photo of the two, both HYBE and YG Entertainment have not shared their official statement.

(Credit= 'jennierubyjane' 'thv' Instagram, Online Community)

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