VIDEO: Girls' Generation Tell What the Group Means to Them; Their Answers Melt Fans' Hearts

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 24, 2022

VIDEO: Girls' Generation Tell What the Group Means to Them; Their Answers Melt Fans' Hearts
K-pop girl group Girls' Generation shared what 'Girls' Generation' means to them, and their answers are melting many fans' hearts. 

On August 23, the last episode of Girls' Generation's reality show 'Sositamtam' was broadcast. 

At the end of this episode, each member of Girls' Generation was asked what 'Girls' Generation' meant to them. 

Seohyun answered, "Destiny. It's like, 'How did we meet like this?', 'How are we still together like this?' It's too cool and miraculous that Girls' Generation is like destiny to me." 

She continued, "We've all spent over half of our lives as the members of Girls' Generation. We have been, and are together when we are the most beautiful. That's why I find us more meaningful than anything else." 
Girls' GenerationTaeyeon commented, "Girls' Generation is my family. Even if you say no, family is family, you know, and that's what I feel Girls' Generation is. I feel like we were just meant to be with each other, like a family." 

Yuri said, "It's something that I wouldn't be afraid to give everything I got to. It's my soul." 

Then, Tiffany stated, "I can trust and rely on Girls' Generation at all times―my faith.", and Sunny also stated, "I would say that Girls' Generation is a variety gift pack." 
Girls' GenerationSooyoung shared her thought, "Sometimes, it's like a friend, other times, it's like a family. My country? Yeah, it's like my country." 

After Sooyoung, Hyoyeon spoke, "Ummm... It's something like my underwear.", then burst into great laughter. 

Hyoyeon explained, "I can't live without underwear, and I can't live without Girls' Generation as well!" 

Lastly, Yoona said, "I believe the word 'Girls' Generation' itself defines it, really. Girls' Generation is Girls' Generation. Once a member of Girls' Generation is a member of Girls' Generation forever." 
Girls' Generation made debut on August 5, 2007; the group welcomed their 15th debut anniversary this month. 

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