VIDEO: TWICE SANA Shares Which Day She Wants to Erase in Her After-debut Life

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 24, 2022

VIDEO: TWICE SANA Shares Which Day She Wants to Erase in Her After-debut Life
SANA of K-pop girl group TWICE shared which day in her after-debut life she wants to delete altogether. 

Recently, a video of SANA was uploaded on TWICE's Instagram, where she answered various questions. 

One of the questions that she got was, "If you could erase one day of yours, any day including the time you made a mistake on a show. When would it be?" 

SANA thought for a little while, and answered, "I'm not sure if it was when we were promoting 'TT' or 'CHEER UP', but I wasn't able to sleep for like three days at one point." 

She continued, "The rest of the members went back to our dorm after three days, but I stayed for another shooting. It was for a television show. I tried really hard to stay awake, and focus on things that were going on." 

She went on, "But without even myself knowing it, my eyes were closed and lips were sticking out. And after the show was broadcast, the part where I'm like almost asleep went viral online. It's still everywhere on the Internet! So, I want to erase that day if I could." 
SANAThe broadcast that SANA talked about was aired back in November 2016. 

At that time, SANA was seen dozing off on her seat while other hosts and guests talked. 

Even though she felt super sleepy, she clapped when she had to; but with her eyes half-closed. 
SANABack then, everyone commented on how cute SANA was, and just laughed about it. 

But after finding out that it was because she had not slept for three days straight, they left comments such as, "Three days? Oh my... This breaks my heart.", "She looks way too tired to be there. Gosh... JYP Ent. should've treated her better.", "It's cute when we simply look at her like that, but honestly, I can't even imagine how tired she was then.", and so on. 

(Credit= MBC, 'twicetagram' Instagram)

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