TXT TAEHYUN Expresses Discomfort About a Fan Constantly Photographing Him on the Plane

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 24, 2022

TXT TAEHYUN Expresses Discomfort About a Fan Constantly Photographing Him on the Plane
TAEHYUN of K-pop boy group TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) expressed great discomfort about constantly being photographed on the plane. 

On August 23, the members of TXT returned to Korea from an overseas schedule. 

Following their arrival, one fan shared a post on the group's official online fan community, asking them if everything was alright on their journey back to Korea. 
TAEHYUNUnder this post, TAEHYUN left a comment saying, "Nope, I felt really uncomfortable on my flight. This person in front of me kept turning around to see me." 

He continued, "And that person took photos of me when I was asleep. Not only that, but he/she also pretended to take selfies to snap photos of me, so... No!" 

Then, several minutes later, TAEHYUN added another comment stating, "If you come to our fan signing event, I would treat you well as always." 

He carried on, "So, if you happen to see this post, please don't do it, ever again!" with a thumb up emoji at the end. 

Later on, the fan who originally uploaded this post updated his/her post with a comment, "Oh, no... It must've been rough for you today, TAEHYUN. Take some good rest now." 
TAEHYUNOther TXT fans also left comments such as, "That would've been so annoying for him!", "Definitely not what a true fan would do to their favorite star.", "Leave him alone!" and so on. 

Not so long after, this post quickly spread to popular online communities, and many other K-pop fans got angry at the inconsiderate behavior that the 'fan' showed. 

They said things like, "Man... TAEHYUN must've been really angry to write it online like that.", "Why do some 'fans' do that? Why choose to be a 'sasaeng'? Do they not realize what they're doing is making their star feel uncomfortable?", "Just go to their official events. Respect their privacy and give them some!" and so on. 
TAEHYUN(Credit= WeVerse, 'TXT_members' Twitter) 

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