HyunA Says She Remembers STAYC ISA Who Came to Her Fan Signing Event 5 Years Ago

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 25, 2022

HyunA Says She Remembers STAYC ISA Who Came to Her Fan Signing Event 5 Years Ago
K-pop artist HyunA shared that she remembers ISA of K-pop girl group STAYC who came to her fan signing event five years ago. 

Back in September 2017, HyunA's huge fan ISA went to HyunA's fan signing event. 

At that time, ISA told HyunA that it was her dream to enter the K-pop industry. 

On that day, ISA received her autograph and managed to take a selfie with HyunA. 

HyunA left a special message for ISA under her autograph saying, "I'll cheer for your dream! Make your dream come true―I'll see you in Seoul!" 
HyunAFollowing her debut as a member of STAYC in November 2020, ISA told fans about this, and also excitedly talked about meeting HyunA at a music show. 

At that time, ISA said in great excitement, "Oh my...! I met HyunA when I went to record 'Music Bank' today. I felt like I was looking at a Barbie doll or something." 

She continued, "I said hi to her and she took a close look at me and the name tag that I had on my belly for the rehearsal. She was standing quite far from me, but... It was really exciting!" 
Then, last month, HyunA featured in a radio show, and talked about the time when she met ISA for the first time. 

HyunA stated, "I vividly remember meeting ISA at the fan signing event years ago. Back then, ISA said, 'Let's meet again in Seoul.' and here we are, we've met in Seoul for real. I love ISA's cat-like smile." 

She went on, "I've wrapped up my promotions for my album, so I don't know when I'll see you next, but I hope you stay healthy during your current promotion. Contact me when you're done. I'll treat you to something delicious."

She resumed, "It turns out we share the same stylists. So, contact me through your stylists. I'll buy you something tasty... Something like Korean barbecue.", then shyly laughed.   
A few days later, ISA had the opportunity to guest on the same radio show. 

During the show, ISA replied to HyunA's sweet comment about her, "Dear HyunA, who is beautiful inside and out, I watched the part of the radio show where you made a comment about me over and over again, and I felt so touched that it made me tear up a little." 

She added, "I hope you always stay healthy, healthier than myself, and I'll definitely reach you soon. Thank you very much!"  
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