TWICE JIHYO Says the Members Had No Idea They All Renewed Contract Until the Last Minute

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 25, 2022

TWICE JIHYO Says the Members Had No Idea They All Renewed Contract Until the Last Minute
JIHYO of K-pop girl group TWICE revealed that the members of the group had no idea that all of them had renewed their contract with JYP Entertainment until the last minute. 

On August 25, Grammy Awards released their recent interview with TWICE online. 

During the interview, the interviewer made a comment about their contract renewal with JYP Entertainment last month, and asked what being in the group meant to them. 

The leader JIHYO responded, "Actually, we didn't realize that all members have renewed their contract until right before the official announcement. We wanted to share this incredible news with our fans as soon as possible because our fans are the main reason why we all decided to renew our contracts with the agency." 

She continued, "We are excited to explore what new styles of music and concepts we can bring to the table and are looking forward to the increase in our members' musical contributions to the albums. Being a member of TWICE means having life-long friends and family. The sense of belonging will forever remain with us." 
TWICEAfter that, the interviewer said, "TWICE is one of the top girl groups in the world right now. That can come with a lot of pressure, but why do you think TWICE has been so successful over the years? What do you think draws listeners in?" 

MINA answered, "I believe the unique point of TWICE is that we are always true to our music style. Even though we've tried different concepts and genres over the last years, our music has that power of making the listeners realize that they are listening to TWICE's song. I think that's what attracts listeners to our music and our group." 
TWICEThen, they were asked, "How have you guys grown as a group over the years? Is there anything you want to change going forward?" 

Once again, MINA gave her answer, "Looking back at ourselves since the debut, I noticed that our members' album contributions have grown significantly. It started out with writing lyrics, but now, our members are capable of composing and vocal directing, too." 

MOMO also responded, "The growth of TWICE is absolutely magical, but I also want to focus on the growth of our fans. We've heard that our songs bring back the memories of significant events relating to a certain era of a person's life. I love how fans say that our songs remind them of a time and place when they were listening to the song." 

She resumed, "This relationship between our music and our fans' memories is something that I want to keep on building going forward." 
TWICEAt the end of the interview, SANA shared new goals for the rest of this year, "I hope all our members can stay healthy, both physically and mentally. The well-being of all nine members is crucial to all of us, as we are so closely connected and are basically a family." 

She added, "We will continue to take good care of ourselves to spread the bright energy of TWICE to ONCE (the name of TWICE's fandom) all around the world." 
TWICE2015-debuted-group TWICE is scheduled to release their eleventh mini album 'BETWEEN 1&2' on August 26. 

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