TWICE JEONGYEON Reveals She Really Liked 2PM WOOYOUNG During Her Trainee Days

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 26, 2022

TWICE JEONGYEON Reveals She Really Liked 2PM WOOYOUNG During Her Trainee Days
JEONGYEON of K-pop girl group TWICE shared that she really liked WOOYOUNG of boy group 2PM when she was a trainee. 

On August 25 episode of KBS' television show 'HK Coin', JEONGYEON and her fellow member JIHYO made a guest appearance. 

On this day, JEONGYEON and JIHYO were the 'directors of destiny', who determined the hosts' faith during their games in another room. 

WOOYOUNG had no idea who the 'directors of destiny' were, but as he had to look good to them, he sent them a heart before the games began. 
HK CoinAs JEONGYEON and JIHYO received his heart, JEONGYEON said, "Wow, so cute."; only Cha Tae Hyun and the girls could hear and see the hosts, and they could not hear or see them. 

Then, Cha Tae Hyun asked in disbelief, "What's cute? Who's cute? Do you mean...?"

JEONGYEON shyly smiled and answered, "WOOYOUNG. WOOYOUNG's cute."  

JIHYO added, "When we were still trainees, JEONGYEON used to like WOOYOUNG a lot." 

WOOYOUNG also said to the girls, "I'll be right there for you when you need me."

When JEONGYEON and JIHYO heard this, they got all excited, and it seemed as if his words truly melted the heart of JEONGYEON. 
HK CoinDuring the games, there was a moment when Cho Se-ho had the opportunity to flick his finger on WOOYOUNG's forehead, but JEONGYEON managed to save him from that. 

When this happened, WOOYOUNG commented, "Thank you. From now on, you may use me as a foundation of your lives." 

To this, JEONGYEON responded, "Treat me to a meal some time, oppa!" 
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