"I Strongly Recommend Marriage!" So Jisub Says He No Longer Has Insomnia After Marriage

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 20, 2022

"I Strongly Recommend Marriage!" So Jisub Says He No Longer Has Insomnia After Marriage

Actor So Jisub shared that his marriage treated insomnia. 

On October 19, So Jisub sat down for an interview with the press to talk about his upcoming movie 'Confession'. 

During the interview, So Jisub was asked about his married life with former announcer Cho Eun-jeong. 

So Jisub said, "I've been so happy after getting married. I didn't really know that I would get this feeling myself, but I actually do feel much more stable than before. I also don't have insomnia anymore. I feel a lot more mature in every way as well." 

He resumed, "If anybody asked if I recommend marriage, then I'll tell them that I totally do. I strongly recommend it!", then chuckled. 
So JisubAfter that, So Jisub revealed that he actually finished filming 'Confession' before marriage. 

So Jisub commented, "As far as I remember, our dating news got reported while I was filming 'Confession' and we got married after that." 

With a smile, he added, "My wife is going to come to the premiere, and I hope to hear her say, 'I enjoyed watching it. It was good." 
So JisubThen, one reporter told So Jisub, "It seems like you've gained some weight after you got married." 

So Jisub laughed and responded, "I did, indeed. I put on about 10kg. I gained some weight, especially in my early days of marriage. I was on a diet for my project at that time, so we couldn't really eat together. As my diet went on for quite a long time, I felt really bad." 

He continued, "So, I started having a meal with my wife from then. We would go out to eat and stuff, so... It was hard to keep the numbers low on the scale."  
So JisubSo Jisub and Cho Eun-jeong married each other in April 2020; they held a private wedding ceremony. 

They first met when Cho Eun-jeong interviewed So Jisub for his movie 'Be With You' on SBS' television show 'Han Bam' in February 2018. 

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