BTS JIN Enlists in the Military Today (LIVE)

By  유지원 에디터  | Dec 13, 2022


JIN, the oldest member of K-pop juggernaut BTS, is set to enlist in the military today (December 13, KST).

The BTS member will join the recruit training center located in Yeoncheon, a far northwest county from South Korea's capital Seoul, later today.

At the training center, JIN will receive five-week basic military training, and will be deployed to his unit as an active-duty soldier.
JINRight after BTS' concert 'Yet To Come in Busan' held on October 15, JIN announced his plan to serve his mandatory military duty, canceling his postponement of enlistment.

He has originally submitted a deferral of military enlistment, as per being recommended by the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism under the revised Military Service Act in 2020.

BTS' management agency, BIGHIT MUSIC, has requested fans and press to refrain from visiting the training center to see him off, considering the safety concerns caused by potential congestion around the area.

The military said it will set up a situation room in cooperation with the local government authorities, as it is expected to draw many crowd despite the request from the agency. 
BTSThe agency has previously shared that the rest of the members will also enlist in the military, in accordance with their individual plans.

The Ministry of National Defense has said that the opportunities for making appearances on public or national events will be given to BTS members even after their enlistment; as long as the members wish to join such events.

(Credit= BIGHIT MUSIC, 'BTS' Weverse)

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