(G)I-DLE YUQI Says Many Think It Is Okay to Treat Her Poorly Because She Smiles a Lot

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 22, 2022

(G)I-DLE YUQI Says Many Think It Is Okay to Treat Her Poorly Because She Smiles a Lot
YUQI of K-pop girl group (G)I-DLE expressed unhappiness and discomfort about the way some people treat her. 

On December 21, a fashion magazine released an interview of YUQI. 

During the interview, YUQI reminisced the time when (G)I-DLE made a comeback for the first time in a year and two months with the title track 'TOMBOY'. 

YUQI said, "When (G)I-DLE was on a break, I was promoting in China by myself. A lot of stuff went around my head then. Since we had to make our next comeback a hit, I felt kind of anxious and desperate. Before, I used to perform on stage, while trying to look pretty. But it was completely different then."
She resumed, "With 'TOMBOY', I was like, 'Let's just give everything I got. Don't think about how you look. Don't worry about looking ugly. Don't be too conscious of the cameras filming me.' I smiled as if I was a crazy person. I smiled thinking, 'This is the way I am. It's me, (G)I-DLE. That was the first time I've ever seen myself like that.", then laughed. 
(G)I-DLEIn the song 'My Bag' made by the group's leader SOYEON, YUQI sings, "I never had fear a.k.a giant dog. You'll get hurt if you pet me. Maybe I'm a tigress." 

About this part of the lyrics, YUQI stated, "So many people told me that I seemed like a puppy. I told them once, 'I'm not a puppy! I'm a dog. A giant dog, okay?!' SOYEON based the lyrics on my words from that time." 

She continued, "For some reason, people always tend to think that I'm really kind. It's probably because I smile and laugh a lot. And they sometimes treat me unwell, as if they think I'll understand them and be okay with them treating me like that. The fact is, I'm a strong person with lots of greed in heart."  

She went on, "My self-made song 'Giant' shows that perfectly. I wanted to tell those people, who only sees me as a cute little girl, that they're totally wrong about me. I may physically be small, but I become a giant when lights shine on me. That was my message to them." 
(G)I-DLE(G)I-DLE(Credit= 'G.I.DLE.CUBE' Facebook) 

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