One Filipino TikToker Finds B.A.P's Trophy at a Second-hand Shop in the Philippines

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 6, 2023

One Filipino TikToker Finds B.A.P's Trophy at a Second-hand Shop in the Philippines
Disbanded K-pop boy group B.A.P's trophy was found all the way at a second-hand shop in the Philippines. 

On March 5, one TikToker from the Philippines shared a video which made K-pop fans all over the world gasp in complete surprise. 

The video showed a trophy titled, '2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards―Mnet PD's Choice', that was awarded to B.A.P. 

Over this video, the TikToker wrote, "My mom bought this in 2020 when I didn't really know K-pop. I know K-pop now, and I was shocked to find out what this was." 

Then, he/she explained that his/her mother purchased this trophy for 200 pesos (approximately 3.6 dollars) at a second-hand store. 
B.A.PWhat was surprising was that this trophy was not only a genuine one, but it was also the first big trophy that B.A.P won following their debut. 

B.A.P immediately caught the attention of K-pop fans after making their debut in January 2012; they quickly rose to fame and became one of the most popular third generation K-pop groups. 

It was in their debut year when they won the coveted 'Mnet PD's Choice Award' at Mnet Asian Music Awards―the award was formerly awarded to legendary K-pop groups such as S.E.S., TVXQ!, FTISLAND and more. 

The TikToker assured B.A.P fans that the trophy is being well-kept and looked-after at home, but fans are questioning how the group's treasured award ended up at a second-hand store in the Philippines, not even in Korea. 
B.A.PUntil B.A.P disbanded in February 2019, the group was under TS Entertainment. 

TS Entertainment went through a series of legal disputes with their artists from 2014, then eventually closed their business in July 2021. 

It is assumed that they sold anything they could in their office as their business struggled, and one of the things that they sold was the trophy. 

At the moment, fans are trying to get their voices heard so that the trophy could return to the members of B.A.P. 
B.A.P(Credit= 'catrionabeanie' TikTok, 'OFFICIALB.A.P' Facebook, Mnet Asian Music Awards) 

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