"People in the West Just Don't Get It" BTS RM Defends K-pop in Interview with Spanish Media

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 14, 2023

"People in the West Just Don't Get It" BTS RM Defends K-pop in Interview with Spanish Media

RM of K-pop boy group BTS expressed his opinion on the K-pop industry in his recent interview. 

On March 12, one Spanish news outlet published an interview of RM on their website. 

During the interview, the interviewer brought up K-pop's widespread popularity, then went on to talk about how harsh the system is, mentioning K-pop trainees having to go through years of extensive training to survive the competition, and K-pop stars having a lot of pressure to give their best even after debut. 

When asked if RM thinks the K-pop system dehumanize the artists, RM answered, "My company doesn't like how I answer this question, because I admit it in part. My answer will make some journalists write articles like, 'It's a horrible system, it destroys young people!' But I believe that's partly what makes this such a unique industry."

"Many things have significantly improved over time, in terms of contract terms and how those working in the industry are educated.", he added. 
RMThen, the interviewer said, "This worship of youth, of perfection, of overstraining in K-pop... Are these Korean cultural traits?" 

RM gave his honest response, "People in the West just don't get it. Korea is a country that has been invaded, devastated, torn in two. Just 70 years ago, there was nothing here. We were getting help from the IMF and UN. But now, the whole world is looking at Korea. How was that possible? How did that happen? Because people are working fxxxing hard to improve themselves." 

He continued, "You come from France or the United Kingdom, countries that have been colonizing other countries for centuries, and you come up to me saying, 'Oh, gosh. You put so much pressure on yourself. Life in Korea is so stressful!' Well, yes. That's how you get things done. And it's part of what makes K-pop so appealing." 

The BTS leader candidly resumed, "While there are definitely gray areas, anything that happens too quickly and intensely has side effects." 
RMLastly, RM was asked if he was sick of the 'K-' label, to which he replied, "You may get sick of Spotify calling us all K-pop, but it works."

"It's a premium label.", he carried on with pride in K-pop, "The guarantee of quality that our ancestors fought for." 
RM(Credit= Big Hit Music) 

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