VIDEO: 'The Glory' Star Cha Joo Young's Unsupportive Parents Have Changed?

By  Cho Yunjung  | Mar 14, 2023

VIDEO: 'The Glory' Star Cha Joo Young's Unsupportive Parents Have Changed?

Actress Cha Joo Young mentioned her parents' change in their position toward her acting career as 'The Glory' is taking the media by storm.

On March 9, one YouTube channel published a video interview of Cha Joo Young. She spilled the details of on-site stories of the Netflix series 'The Glory: Part 2' and how the series has affected her life. 

Cha Joo Young played 'Choi Hye-jeong', one of the five villains who bullied the protagonist 'Moon Dong-eun'.

Cha Joo Young's portrayal of the character 'Choi Hye-jeong' made her a hard-to-hate character, and now the actress is enjoying the fame she deserves. 

As to a question, "Do you feel your popularity after the show's success?", She answered, "Yes, I do."

"Just a little. Even when I'm only circulating the shooting location, home, and makeup studio, I still can feel the heat. From the fans on social media to the staff who has known me for a long time, countless people expressed their love for me."
Cha Joo YoungThen she was asked how her parents, then-known-to-be against her acting career, think of the success of 'The Glory'.

In previous interviews, Cha Joo Young has openly shared her parents' discomfort with her acting.

"My father is very conservative, and being raised by him, pursuing an acting career was unthinkable.", said Cha Joo Young.

She confessed that she notified her parents of her acting only after she started filming tvN's series 'Cheese in the Trap'.

"If I had told them before it started, they would never have allowed me to do it.", she explained. She also shared that her father's disappointment was huge, and he almost fainted at the news.

Cha Joo Young, now stacking fame, opened up about her parents' response to 'The Glory' with a big sigh.

"Well, every single member of our family is far from being dramatic.", holding a laugh, she continued, "So, even now, they are not such big, willing, or avid supporters. However, it is better than before. They are becoming more trusting and attentive."Cha Joo YoungCha Joo Young

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