VIDEO: 'The Glory' Park Sung Hoon Slayed Cursing Scenes, but Says Those Were the Hardest

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 14, 2023

VIDEO: 'The Glory' Park Sung Hoon Slayed Cursing Scenes, but Says Those Were the Hardest

Actor Park Sung Hoon pointed out that he is quite the opposite of 'The Glory' villain 'Jeon Jae-joon'. 

On March 14, one fashion magazine released a video of Park Sung Hoon, who is currently in the media spotlight after leaving an unforgettable impression on everybody with his role in Netflix's beloved series 'The Glory'. 

In 'The Glory', he played the role of the character named 'Jeon Jae-joon', one of the vicious bullies that made the main character 'Moon Dong-eun' (actress Song Hye Kyo)'s time in high school hell.

'Jeon Jae-joon' has an affair with another tormentor 'Park Yeon-jin' (actress Im Ji Yeon) married to 'Ha Do-young' (actor Jung Sung-il)―the CEO of a large construction company; once 'Jeon Jae-joon' realizes that their daughter 'Ha Ye-sol' is his biological daughter, he becomes overprotective of her. 

In the process of doing so, he often loses his temper and even scares 'Ha Ye-sol'. 
Park Sung HoonPark Sung HoonWhen asked whether child actress Oh Ji-yool ('Ha Ye-sol') was scared of him in real life, Park Sung Hoon answered, "No, not at all. Didn't she like my character more than the fake father in the drama as well?", and chuckled. 

Afterward, the interviewer mentioned people leaving comments such as, "'Ye-sol' looks frightened.", "Leave her alone." and more under photos of them together taken during the break from shooting. 

Park Sung Hoon burst out laughing, then said, "I have no idea why people said things like that, because we were both happy when we took the photos. I loved 'Ye-sol'. She brought happiness to the site every time. She was really lovely. Whenever I looked at her, I just couldn't stop smiling." 
Park Sung HoonTo the next question, "What was the most difficult part of acting 'Jeon Jae-joon'?", Park Sung Hoon responded, "Oh, I remember shooting this scene where I had to pretend like it was winter when it was a scorching hot summer day. I was sweating like crazy at that time. That was certainly very difficult." 

He added, "Another hard part was that I had to swear so much when I'm not used to swearing in the real world." 

Despite not being used to cursing, Park Sung Hoon snatched the attention of the public by slaying all his cursing scenes as if he was completely possessed by 'Jeon Jae-joon', and those scenes went viral online immediately after they were released. 

This seemed to show how great of an actor Park Sung Hoon is with a promising future.

(Credit= 'Harper's BAZAAR Korea' 'Netflix Korea 넷플릭스 코리아' YouTube) 

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