"Welcome to My Jungle, Yeon-jin." Im Ji Yeon Devoured Rat Meat 8 Years Ago?

By  Cho Yunjung  | Mar 15, 2023

"Welcome to My Jungle, Yeon-jin." Im Ji Yeon Devoured Rat Meat 8 Years Ago?
'The Glory' star Im Ji Yeon's duality is taking over the internet, as a wild moment in her past has resurfaced.

Im Ji Yeon's eight-years-ago appearance on a television show, being free and brave in the jungle, is now excavated and taking over the internet for its vast difference from her notorious yet popular character 'Park Yeon-jin', of the Netflix series 'The Glory'.

In 2015, Im Ji Yeon made a guest appearance on the SBS' television show 'Law of the Jungle', where celebrities were taken to survive the corners of the world.

Im Ji Yeon, who was 26 at the time, was unquestionably the most courageous member of the cast when she was taken to a remote area of Vietnam with other celebrities.

Over and over again, she proved herself to be a true jungle material by stepping up for everything and eating anything she could.

When she was paired with actor Lee Sung-jae to catch a snake for dinner, Im Ji Yeon grabbed the snake by hand on her first attempt. While all the staff and her partner flinched and ran off as the snake wriggled, she commented on the experience, "a big fun".

Her daring attitude earned her a new name, 'The Reptile Girl Im-diana (referencing Indiana Jones)'.
Im Ji YeonIm Ji YeonShe has a strong stomach, indeed. Everyone panicked when the staff handed the crew rats to eat, except for Im Ji Yeon.

Im Ji Yeon, who volunteered to observe the preparation of the rat meat, was of course the first to try the fried rat dish.

"Crispy and delicious. It tastes like fried chicken.", she commented. From the body part to its tail, the actress left nothing but the bones. 
As a result of the series' recent success, her past jungle phase has been rediscovered.

The malicious 'Park Yeon-jin' roaming around in the jungle daring and freely, has shocked the internet.

One online community user commented, "Now I understand how Im Ji Yeon can stomach the most horrifying roles. She has no fears. She's a queen of adaptation."
Im Ji Yeon(Credit= '빽능 - SBS 옛날 예능' YouTube, Netflix)

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