VIDEO: BTS JUNGKOOK Tears Up While Telling Fans How Much They Mean to Him

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 15, 2023

VIDEO: BTS JUNGKOOK Tears Up While Telling Fans How Much They Mean to Him

JUNGKOOK of K-pop boy group BTS teared up as he spoke about how much his fans mean to him during a live broadcast.

In the evening of March 14, JUNGKOOK went live on the group's online fan community WeVerse; he spent about two hours with fans. 

Towards the end of the live broadcast, JUNGKOOK shared everything in his heart to ARMY (BTS fandom name), "There's something I want to tell you. I don't know why, but I can't help myself thinking about you whenever I drink. You're the first thing that come to my mind when I start to feel alcohol in my body." 

He continued, "That makes me realize how important you are to me. You're so important to me, ARMY. I feel comfortable and happy when with you guys. I feel more comfortable now than when I'm with my friends. You give me this soft and sweet feeling that is hard to describe into words." 

But JUNGKOOK warned ARMY that he will be upset if they put him first in their lives, "I appreciate every bit of support that you give me, but I shouldn't be your priority. It should always be you, you got that?"  

After that, JUNGKOOK went on to disclose how he felt about their endless love and support in the past, "Back in the day, I used to wonder why you loved me as much as you did." 

"I'm done with wondering about that now though. I decided to think simply: there's a good reason why I'm receiving a great amount of love from you. You managed to boost my self-esteem, ARMY. What I'm doing now is to try my best to show you the real me, and just working on to pay back the love that I'm getting from you." 
In response to his sincere words, ARMY started flooding the comment section with comments such as, "I love you, JUNGKOOK.", "Aww... You're making me cry!", "We're happy to know that you're happy, Kookie." and more. 

As JUNGKOOK read their comments, he covered his face with hands to hide himself looking all emotional. 

With a shaky voice, JUNGKOOK ended the live broadcast by telling fans, "Like I said before, I'll reach you until I no longer can. I purple you (BTS-derived sentence that means trusting and loving each other for a long time)...!" 
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