37-year-old Jay Park Kneels by the Age Gap Between Him and Youth

By  Cho Yunjung  | Mar 15, 2023

37-year-old Jay Park Kneels by the Age Gap Between Him and Youth

Surrounded by young adults, hip-hop artist Jay Park felt like an old man.

On March 13, a YouTube channel posted an episode where Jay Park opened a homestay and greeted the guests.

As a part-timer, Oh Ha-young of K-pop girl group Apink came to give him a hand.

Jay Park looked exhausted from the start. He told Oh Ha-young that he was feeling unwell.

He explained, "I'm tired because I competed in a B-Boy competition yesterday for no reason."

"My body is getting older, but mentally, I am still chasing my dream that I had when I was younger. Disconnection of the body and mind is draining me.", Jay Park added with bitterness.
Jay Park and Oh Ha-youngWhen Jay Park told her he is 37 years old, Oh Ha-young started calculating with her fingers.

"You were born in 1987?", as soon as she uttered the word, Oh Ha-young, nine years younger than him, covered her mouth in awe.

Her reaction is understandable, given that Jay Park is renowned for his younger-looking face.

Yet, after spending the day among the young people, not even his youthful skin could keep him from feeling old.

To celebrate the opening of Jay Park's homestay, they invited the guest stars who had just turned 20 to treat them to some alcohol. (In Korea, 20 is the minimum legal drinking age)

"Then, what's the age difference between you and today's guests?", as she asked Jay Park, Oh Ha-young made a hilarious hand gesture, suggesting that the gap would be huge.

Poor Jay Park answered, "That would be 17 years."

"Wow, they are like your sons!", she gave Jay Park a blow while grinning innocently.

"You know, I'm not that old.", he weakly replied.
Jay Park and Oh Ha-youngJay Park and Oh Ha-young

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