"Not 'Jeon Jae-joon' at All!" 'The Glory' Villain Park Sung Hoon's Innocent-looking Past Surfaces

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 15, 2023

"Not 'Jeon Jae-joon' at All!" 'The Glory' Villain Park Sung Hoon's Innocent-looking Past Surfaces

Actor Park Sung Hoon's cute and innocent-looking past photos caught the eye of many. 

Recently, some past photos of Park Sung Hoon were uploaded online, and they gained much attention from 'The Glory' fans. 

As Netflix's series 'The Glory' made a hit, a bunch of people began taking an interest in actors/actresses who featured in the series. 

While they were curiously looking into their past, they stumbled upon photos of Park Sung Hoon from the old times. 

They were photos of Park Sung Hoon taken from 2011 to 2017, when he was working in the theater. 
Park Sung HoonAs opposed to his character 'Jeon Jae-joon' in 'The Glory' full of cruelty and violence, he looked so cute, kind and innocent. 

There were also photos that showed him taking photos for fans and signing his autograph to them with a bright smile. 

It is said that he was quite popular among girls at that time because of his cute smile and tall figure. 
Park Sung HoonPark Sung Hoon'Jeon Jae-joon' is one of the tormentors who bullied the main character 'Moon Dong-eun' (actress Song Hye Kyo) in high school to the point that she is traumatized to this day. 

He is a country club heir―one of the wealthy members of the group, as well as one of the most volatile. 

It is not that people think Park Sung Hoon's real self is 'Jeon Jae-joon'-like, but since his image from 'The Glory' is still stamped on everyone's head that they were just slightly confused when they saw his past photos from his days as a theater actor. 

They said things like, "It's definitely hard to match himself now with his past. He looked too soft-hearted LOL.", "That's 'Jeon Jae-joon'? No way, he looked so innocent before!", "I don't believe this. That's really him?" and so on. 
Park Sung HoonPark Sung HoonAccording to a Netflix ranking tracker website FlixPatrol, 'The Glory' ranked No. 1 in 38 countries earlier this week, including Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico and more, and No. 3 in the United States and the United Kingdom, making it the overall No. 1 series globally.

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