"I Was Overwhelmed" Kim Hieora Was 'Stoned' by Song Hye Kyo's Beauty

By  Cho Yunjung  | Mar 16, 2023

"I Was Overwhelmed" Kim Hieora Was 'Stoned' by Song Hye Kyo's Beauty
'The Glory' star Kim Hieora confessed that she is a fan of actress Song Hye Kyo, the lead of the series.

On March 14, in an interview with a news outlet, Kim Hieora spoke of her thoughts and feelings on acting the character 'Lee Sa-rah' in one of the most successful Netflix's Korean series 'The Glory'.

'Lee Sa-rah' is one of the bullies who tore the main character 'Moon Dong-eun' apart when she was a high school student.

She, the grown-up 'Lee Sa-rah', is a character with extreme contradiction. A daughter of the minister but a drug addict, seemingly free yet hooked on drugs.

Kim Hieora successfully brought the character to life, and now she is fully recognized by the public.
Kim HieoraShe shared a special on-site episode she bore in mind, as follows.

"When 'Moon Dong-eun' confronted 'Lee Sa-rah' at her father's church, that was when I had my first shooting.", stated Kim Hieora.

"I had been a real fan of Song Hye Kyo. When I brought it up to her, she told me she had heard all the wonderful things about my acting and that she came with high expectations. And she said, 'I prepared a lot to not fall behind. You can do whatever you want in front of the camera.' She was boosting my confidence.", Kim Hieora expressed her gratitude toward Song Hye Kyo.

"I was over the moon by her words.", she resumed, "Then the shooting began, Song Hye Kyo stood in front of me, and I looked into her face. All of a sudden, I was overwhelmed by her beauty. All I could think of was, 'She is so beautiful.' After shooting the scene, the director approached and asked me if I could 'act meaner'.", she laughed, reminiscing the moment she had frozen acting alongside her idol.

Song Hye Kyo performed the adult version of the character 'Moon Dong-eun', the victim of school violence. The mentioned scene is when vengeful adult 'Moon Dong-eun' confronts 'Lee Sa-rah' in her father's church and threatens 'Lee Sa-rah' with her drug issue.

Kim Hieora said, "The scene made me see Song Hye Kyo in a whole new light. After snatching my hair, she blew some pulled-out ones out from her hands. I noticed her trembling hands. She acted that way because using force on someone is unnatural to 'Moon Dong-eun'. At that moment, Song Hye Kyo was gone, and she became the character. I could fully emerge into 'Lee Sa-rah' because her 'Moon Dong-eun' was real.", commented Kim Hieora, revealing her love and respect for Song Hye Kyo.
Kim Hieora and Song Hye KyoKim Hieora and Song Hye Kyo(Credit= 'Netflix Korea' YouTube)

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