VIDEO: Kim Sejeong Confirms the Members of I.O.I Are Still on Good Terms with Each Other

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 15, 2023

VIDEO: Kim Sejeong Confirms the Members of I.O.I Are Still on Good Terms with Each Other

Singer/actress Kim Sejeong shared that the members of disbanded K-pop girl group I.O.I had a gathering earlier in the year. 

On March 13, one fashion magazine posted a video of Kim Sejeong showing off some of her favorite items on their YouTube channel. 

One of the items that Kim Sejeong took out of her bag was a camcorder―a hard-to-find electronic device these days. 

Kim Sejeong laughed as she took it out, then commented, "It reminds you of your old days, doesn't it? It's a camcorder. It takes photos and videos. You can flip the screen around and do other cool things with it. Pretty awesome, isn't it?" 

She excitedly continued, "I use this when I want to keep a memory of what's going on. The photos and videos taken with this camcorder give off old-school vibes that I love." 
Kim SejeongKim SejeongThen, Kim Sejeong revealed a fun story behind the camcorder, "Initially, I used a mini digital camera instead of the camcorder. But it was after a gathering with I.O.I members that I started using this particular one." 

She explained what happened at the gathering, "It was in January when we gathered together. A few hours into our conversation, I noticed SOMI filming us with a giant camera. It was so pretty, so I asked where she got it." 

She went on, "On the site she told me about, I was greeted with lots of pretty cameras. I really liked them all! I found this one there. It was one of the things that caught my eye." 

As it had been years since I.O.I disbanded, fans were amazed to discover that the girls not only were in touch up to now, but also met up with one another time to time. 

About that, fans left comments such as, "Oh, wow. It's incredible that they're still close!", "Awww I can't stop smiling.", "Why am I crying right now?" and more. 

The 11 members of I.O.I debuted in April 2016, soon after they wrapped up shooting Mnet's survival show 'Produce 101'.

They promoted together until the end of January 2017, then each of them went back to their initial management agency following that.

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