"Ha Ra, You're Always with Us" KARA Members Choke Up Upon Mentioning Koo Ha Ra

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 16, 2023

"Ha Ra, You're Always with Us" KARA Members Choke Up Upon Mentioning Koo Ha Ra

K-pop girl group KARA cried in each other's arms after mentioning the group's late member Koo Ha Ra at their fan meeting. 

Earlier this month, KARA went around cities in Japan for their fan meeting '~2023 MOVE AGAIN~' that was held in celebration of the group's 15th debut anniversary. 

On the day when '~2023 MOVE AGAIN~' took place in Yokohama, KARA was greeted by thousands of Japanese fans. 

In return to their loud cheer, they energetically performed the group's hit songs including 'STEP', 'Mister, 'Happy Hour' and more. 
KARAHalfway through the fan meeting, the members of KARA―Han Seung Yeon, Park Gyu-ri, Kang Ji Young, Hur Young Ji and Nicole stood beside one another so that fans could see each of them clearly, and began chatting. 

During the talk with fans, KARA made themselves as well as all fans emotional by mentioning Koo Ha Ra, who could not be there with them on that day. 

Park Gyu-ri said, "I've always wanted to say her name out loud because I know that Ha Ra is up there watching us. This was what I wanted to say. I never really had a chance to publicly say her name, so..." 

She paused for a moment, swallowing her sadness before adding, "Even when we don't speak of your name, we're with you at all times." 
KARAHearing her words, the other members of KARA started to cry, and grabbed tissues from the back to wipe tears from their eyes. 

Park Gyu-ri told them, "It's okay. It's fine to be not okay.", then the five of them hugged together and silently cried for a bit. 

Afterward, Han Seung Yeon spoke in a shaky voice, "We've endured this time with each other well, so we know that Ha Ra will be watching us from somewhere." 
KARAKoo Ha Ra debuted as a member of KARA in 2008; she passed away in November 2019. 

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