"I Can't See with My Right Eye" aespa NINGNING Makes a Shocking Confession

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 16, 2023

"I Can't See with My Right Eye" aespa NINGNING Makes a Shocking Confession

NINGNING of K-pop girl group aespa confessed that she almost lost vision in one eye. 

On March 14, NINGNING's interview with a Chinese fashion magazine was published online. 

NINGNING revealed some of the most essential items that she carries with her on a daily basis in the interview. 

Those items included a bottle of perfume, pair of sunglasses, mini bag for her AirPods, mint spray, hair clip, hair tie, different skincare and make-up products, etc.  

One of her everyday items was an eye drop; as she got it out, she explained that she always tries to keep her eyes from getting dry. 

What she said afterward shocked fans, she said, "This is a secret, but I can barely see with my right eye due to surgery I had as a child." 
aespaIn recently-released reports by Chinese media outlets, NINGNING woke up to find that her right eye was infected with Acanthamoeba keratitis when she was young. 

Acanthamoeba keratitis is a rare, vision threatening, parasitic infection that impacts the cornea; Acanthamoeba are found in various environments including pools, hot tubs, tap water, shower water and contact lens solution. 

This severe infection can cause permanent vision loss or complete blindness, and it is most common in people who wear contact lenses.

It is assumed that Acanthamoeba already acted on NINGNING's right eye before the doctors were able to treat it completely. 
aespaUnder this video, fans expressed concern for the condition of her eye. 

They wrote comments such as, "Oh, my! Really? Things must've been so rough for you...", "Do keep taking good care of your eyes, unnie!", "Does anyone know whether camera flashes will affect her eye in any ways? I'm worried, since she has to constantly stand for photos." and so on. 
aespa(Credit= VOGUE CHINA, SM Entertainment) 

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