VIDEO: BTS J-HOPE Reveals that the Date for His Military Enlistment Has Come Out

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 17, 2023

VIDEO: BTS J-HOPE Reveals that the Date for His Military Enlistment Has Come Out

J-HOPE of K-pop boy group BTS revealed that the date for his military enlistment has been set. 

On March 16, J-HOPE went live on the group's online fan community WeVerse. 

At the beginning of the live broadcast, J-HOPE told why he decided to spend time with fans on this particular day, "I've officially wrapped all promotions for my solo release 'on the street' up today. So, I wanted to thank you for your support, and give you an update on my life." 

The BTS member resumed, "I filmed a lot of stuff during my promotions. But don't get your hopes up too high, because those videos may not be as interesting as you might think. I just wanted to prepare different things for you before concluding this chapter of my life."  

After that, J-HOPE explained what he meant by 'before concluding this chapter of my life', "I can't tell you the details yet, but my military enlistment date has been issued. I think now is about time for me to really get ready for it." 

He continued, "After JIN began his military service, I wondered when it would be the best for me to start mine. As the date approached, I came to think like this, 'Okay, you know what? I want to complete it as soon as I can, and present the maturer me to you guys.'" 

"It would be a lie to tell you that I'm not worried though. I'm definitely worried. I keep thinking, 'Will I be able to adjust well to the military life?', 'I'll be fine for the next year and a half, right?', 'What kind of life shall I lead when I'm done with it?' and so on.", he added. 

Then, J-HOPE shared that he thought about a goal that he wants to achieve in the military. 

He laughingly commented, "My goal is to stay young while I'm there. I'm going to stay fit, and try not to get old." 
Previously, BTS' management agency announced that J-HOPE would begin the process of military enlistment by applying for the termination of his enlistment postponement, without providing a specific time frame for the entry.

He will be the second member of BTS to enlist in the military, following the oldest member JIN, who began his national mandatory duty in December.

(Credit= WeVerse, Big Hit Music) 

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