"FOREVER 1" Girls' Generation SUNNY Comforts Fans Over SM Ent. Takeover Controversy

By  Cho Yunjung  | Mar 17, 2023

"FOREVER 1" Girls' Generation SUNNY Comforts Fans Over SM Ent. Takeover Controversy

SUNNY of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation left a message to fans as the conflict over SM Entertainment's management rights escalated.

Early in February, a dispute arose among entertainment agencies SM Entertainment, HYBE and Kakao Entertainment over the management rights takeover of SM Entertainment. The dispute was not over until March.

The concerns of fans over K-pop artists under SM Entertainment grew throughout the month. 

To comfort fans, SUNNY left a message regarding the situation. And now the message is getting belated attention not only because Girls' Generation is managed by SM Entertainment, but because her uncle is the person at the center of the storm.

SUNNY is known to be a niece of Lee Soo-man, the founder of SM Entertainment, who ignited the whole feud.

"Every day is perplexing these days, with all the headlines and so many words.", she commented on a fan platform.

"I really have nothing to say since I am acknowledging most of it after reading the news report, just like you guys. But I don't think all those things truly affect our relationship, does it?", she started by separating their connection from the circumstances. 
SUNNY"Nothing lasts forever, that is for sure. But we will stay together for a very long time as long as we care for each other. So please, don't worry too much. Let's continue on friendly terms! Just don't mind it and let's watch where it is heading from a distance.", she noted.

Then added, "If I knew something, I would have told you. If anything, I want to give out some information about the situation so that you can at least make a profit out of SM Entertainment stock. But I don't know anything. I don't even own a share.", she sympathized with her fans, expressing that she is just as confused as they are.

"For your information, I am a law-abiding citizen and always try to keep it straight since I don't want to let my parents, coworkers, or friends down. But above all, I'm behaving myself to not let you guys down. I don't want to be remembered as 'singer I once liked but is now a disgrace'.", SUNNY showed her love for her fans.

She wrote, "Get it together, people. It is a scary world out there. Yet I feel secure as long as I have you, my loving fans. I too will try my best to be a reliable person for you guys. We can lean on each other."

The power struggle between two K-pop conglomerates ended on March 12, as HYBE announced their ceasing of the effort to acquire SM Entertainment as the competition has gone messy.

Now SM Entertainment's management right is projected to be under Kakao Entertainment, and HYBE agreed upon the horizontal partnership.
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