RAIN Fails to Get Recognized at a Market; KCM Makes Fun of Him by Saying "This Is Your Reality"

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 17, 2023

RAIN Fails to Get Recognized at a Market; KCM Makes Fun of Him by Saying "This Is Your Reality"
K-pop artist RAIN bitterly smiled as no one recognized him at a market. 

On March 16, RAIN updated his YouTube channel with a video of him visiting Moran Traditional Market in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do with his good friend singer KCM. 

Instantly as they entered the market, RAIN drooled at a wide selection of mouth-watering foods and said, "KCM is paying for all the food today." 

To this, KCM responded, "Yeah, I am, indeed. I've been such a freeloader. I should certainly pay for you this time. Go ahead and choose whatever you wish to eat, Ji-hoon (RAIN's real name)." 

Each grabbed corn on the cob from a street vendor at the entrance to the market, then searched for "healthy foods" that RAIN wanted to purchase while they ate. 
RAINBut as the corn was getting in the way of their shopping, RAIN suggested they quietly finish their corn off in the corner of the market. 

KCM replied, "We're already having our corn in a quiet manner. If it was a few years ago, there would be hundreds of people surrounding us just to see you. But nobody recognizes you here. How nice is that, huh? It's super peaceful." 

RAIN almost spat out from laughing, but KCM just continued, "Ah, it's really not like before. A huge crowd was formed in your old days. Look at how things are now though. Look! No one! We're too comfortable to be here, don't you think?" 

KCM continued to jokingly tease RAIN, "This is your reality. It's how it is for you now, you understand?", leaving RAIN unable to respond to his words beside an awkward laugh. 
RAINWhen they were standing still and having their corn on the cob, one girl shrieked upon seeing KCM, and said hi to him; she seemed to know only KCM, not RAIN. 

With sudden elevated confidence, KCM straightened his shoulders and stated, "You saw that, guys? This is what it is like today. These days, I'm much more popular and recognized than RAIN." 

Then, KCM laughed in pure joy, while RAIN bitterly smiled. 

(Credit= 'Season B Season' YouTube) 

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