'The Glory' Ahn So-yo Exposes Im Ji Yeon's On-Scene Duality?

By  Cho Yunjung  | Mar 28, 2023

'The Glory' Ahn So-yo Exposes Im Ji Yeon's On-Scene Duality?
Actress Ahn So-yo expressed her thoughts on actress Im Ji Yeon reflecting on their co-acting sequences in the Netflix series 'The Glory'.

On March 28, Ahn So-yo had an interview with a news outlet to talk about 'The Glory'.

'The Glory' revolves around a victim of school violence named 'Moon Dong-eun' (acted by Song Hye Kyo), whose life was completely ruined ever since the brutal eighteen.

As 'Moon Dong-eun' dropped out of school, 'Kim Kyung-ran' became the next prey of the ultimate villain, 'Park Yeon-jin'.  

Grown-up 'Moon Dong-eun' feeds off of her burning misery and contempt for 'Park Yeon-jin', using it as fuel to advance revenge on her.

But, 'Kim Kyung-ran', another victim, was unable to graduate from their relationship, and still revolves around the bullies, doing chores for them.
Ahn So-yo and Im Ji YeonAhn So-yo spoke of her mind about Im Ji Yeon who played 'Park Yeon-jin', whose every day is a new glory with the unstoppable rise in popularity of 'The Glory'.

"We frequently had quick encounters. I carried the clothes for 'Park Yeon-jin'.", calling Im Ji Yeon as her character, Ahn So-yo made fun of their relationship in the series, as 'Kim Kyung-ran' was a stylist for weather forecaster 'Park Yeon-jin'.

"Im Ji Yeon is an easygoing, upbeat person in real life. But as soon as the camera started rolling, she immediately transformed into an evil personality without fail.", the actress said, revealing her surprise at Im Ji Yeon's acting.

She resumed, "As you know, the way 'Park Yeon-jin' literally yells when she speaks. Since I am not used to being yelled at, I got fully immersed in my character's emotion."

Putting the on-screen dynamics, Ahn So-yo expressed her gratitude for Im Ji Yeon.

"Im Ji Yeon helped a lot with my acting when we shared several scenes. I became totally absorbed into 'Kim Kyung-ran' because of her acting."

In 'The Glory', 'Kim Kyung-ran' was the third victim of severe school violence. Who would then be the worst to Ahn So-yo? According to the actress, she believes it would be 'Park Yeon-jin'.

"There were several characters that needed to die. However, to 'Kim Kyung-ran', 'Park Yeon-jin' must have been the worst, since 'Kim Kyung-ran' had to stay with her for a long time. And my guess is that 'Park Yeon-jin' is the one who made 'Kim Kyung-ran' a victim, picking her as a next toy."
Ahn So-yoAhn So-yo(Credit= Netflix Korea)

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